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Star Access Lab Order: Only 7 Simple Steps

At Star Wellness, our main goal is to encourage individuals and businesses to take charge of their personal health management. Unlike our competitors, we give each person the flexibility to customize their screenings so it fits their unique needs. Additionally, we provide comprehensive blood profiles that are similar to what a person would get from their personal physician, but at the convenience and comfortability of their own home.

How Does It Work?

Often, getting basic lab testing requires something like this: Call doctors office and schedule appointment, go to appointment and ask for lab tests, pay co-pay for office visit, make appointment for lab tests, get lab tests and pay co-pay or full amount depending on deductible, make another doctors appointment to get results, get results and pay co-pay again.

Not only is this time consuming, but this can also be expensive depending on your insurance. Don’t worry, we make it as headache-free as possible: Our results are fast, reliable and easy to understand. The entire process is done in 7 simple steps: 

  1. Fill out our form on the Star Access page
  2. Get a phone call from Star Wellness staff
  3. Get one-on-one guidance through the process of determining exactly which lab tests you need. Because there are thousands of different lab tests available, this takes out any confusion
  4. Pay star wellness over the phone
  5. Receive an emailed Lab Order that includes all costs and instructions
  6. Visit the Lab at no additional charge. Note: Once you pay Star Wellness for your lab order, you do not have to pay LabCorp any additional charges, you simply just show up. 
  7. The results of your lab will be sent to your doctor automatically.

Is It Expensive?

Health costs often happen when we least expect it. That being said, Star Wellness saves lives every month by alerting individuals to unknown health conditions. For that one reason, you can’t afford to not to get your custom Lab tests or health screening. Additionally, catching and treating many ailments in early stages can make symptoms more manageable, and can ultimately be much cheaper to treat in the long run.


Star Wellness provides accessible, affordable, safe, comprehensive and proactive health assessments and screenings so your employees can have “a life lived well.” Whether you come to us, or we come to you, we help you take charge of your health and wellness for you.

Customize your screening today!

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