How to Encourage Healthy Employee Habits that Last

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How to Encourage Healthy Employee Habits that Last

Ringing in the New Year is expected to come with the thought of New Year’s resolutions. What many individuals don’t realize is that business owners make resolutions, too.

For the average person, a resolution involves ways to improve their health. Diet, exercise or meditation seem to be the go-to options. For business owners, however, resolutions typically focus on ways to improve their bottom line. That’s where StarWellness shines; We can help with both.

Hello, Management: We’re Looking at You

Every company should develop healthcare as part of its culture. By making a few adjustments and encouraging employee wellness (things like take regular breaks, create work schedules),  you could be saving your company a lot of money in the long run.

Research has shown time and again that a healthier workforce results in a more productive workforce, as well as fewer hours lost to employee absences. In addition, a healthier workforce can give you more control over continually increasing healthcare costs.

Management has to be the driving influence behind this culture shift. Leadership has to lead by example and promote a healthy lifestyle by living one.

How Can You Encourage Healthy Employee Habits?

Verbally suggesting diet and exercise is a good (and free) idea, but it alone has been documented to show little results.

If you are a business owner who wants to significantly improve the overall health of your employees (and your bottom line), you have to understand the current state of their health.

Since 2003 we have performed health screenings on tens of thousands of employees at hundreds of businesses and organizations nationwide. What we’ve learned in this time is that no two businesses have the exact same health needs.

Once a company knows the state of health among its employees, it can then develop a wellness program designed to address specific issues. The results are programs that create healthier and more productive employees and help you keep your resolution of improving the health of your company’s bottom line, while keeping your employee’s resolution of getting healthier. A cookie-cutter wellness program leaves a lot at chance, which is why StarWellness allows you to customize your health screenings to fit the need of your business.


Test results often come as a surprise, and in some cases, have saved lives of their employees. It’s far too common to find undiagnosed diabetes, men with elevated PSA readings (prostate cancer), out of range thyroid readings or significant plaque formation in the carotid arteries – all potentially deadly diseases if left unchecked.

Don’t let employee health and productivity suffer. Help your bottom line. Customize your screening today.

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