Cover Your Bases: How a Health Screening Can Help You Build Your Best Team

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Cover Your Bases: How a Health Screening Can Help You Build Your Best Team

Star Wellness is your home plate for personal and employee health. Provide your team with the resources, tools, and education they need to hit a quality “Grand Slam.” When people are happy and engaged, they perform at a higher level. Basic, right? Healthy people feel better, think better, and work better as a team.

How Often Should a Screening Occur?

The simple answer is this: The more often, the better. When it comes to a wellness screening, we go up to bat with the hopes of hitting a “home run” every time. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case – which is why it’s vital to have a good understanding of personal and employee health. It’s all about consistency and momentum. When you aim for an overall health, those regular singles, doubles, and even bunts will move you around the bases until you score.

Many medical professionals suggest a yearly screening, however, a lot can change in a year, so participating in more frequent screenings is something to be encouraged.

What If I Don’t Get Desired Results?

Are you going to hit a home run every time? Unfortunately not. But, we are here to guide you through the next steps. When you aim for home runs all the time (never expect to be sick), it becomes all or nothing and only ends up leaving you returning to the dugout frustrated or disappointed.

Employee wellness programs help you better prepare for sickness and are one of the most effective strategies for improving a workplace. Not only are they are a great way to show employees that they are valued, but they have been proven to help the company bottom-line.

How Do I get Started?

It’s easy. To get started simply just schedule an on-site screening and we will help you take charge of the health and wellness for you and your team.

The Star Wellness business model is designed to be convenient for both you and your employees, we come to you and screen employees in their workplace. Our efficient processes allow most screenings to be completed in as little as 5-8 minutes. And our aggregate reporting helps to identify problem areas within your organization so you know where to focus your wellness efforts.


When your players are ready for the game, you’ll see better on-job performance, a better ability to make complex decisions, less absenteeism, fewer injuries, and less fatigue. It’s not just about a boost in productivity. It’s also about preventing lost time. It will decrease unseen costs from employees worried about their health, and result in an increase in vitality. Get your team game ready! Contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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