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Top Habits To Avoid For a Healthy Heart

 What can making better choices do for your heart health? Consider this information found from the Nurses’ Health Study: Nonsmoking women with a healthy weight who exercised regularly, consumed a healthy diet, and had an alcoholic drink every other day were 83% less likely to have had a heart attack or to have died of heart disease over a 14-year period, compared with all the other women in the study (New England Journal of Medicine, July 6, 2000). The results were almost identical in a similar study in men. By avoiding these bad habits, you could have one less thing to worry about.

Excessive Alcohol

Like many things, alcohol can be good or bad depending on the circumstances as well as the consumption. As a matter of fact, research has shown that alcohol in smaller doses can actually benefit your heart if you don’t already have a heart condition. If you do drink, avoid more than two drinks a day for men, and no more than one a day for women. Drinking too much can be linked to high blood pressure, high levels of blood fats, and heart failure. In addition to that, the extra calories you’re consuming can lead to weight gain.

Red Meat

If you love steak, remember that it should be an occasional treat rather than being a part of your daily diet. Red meat is high in saturated fat, processed meats and increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. Consuming red meat has also been linked to a higher risk of cancer, especially colorectal (or colon) cancer in men, by a number of studies. If you can’t part ways with red meat, choose a lean cut or limit your intake.


Smoking harms almost every organ in the body, including the heart, and various other organs such as; blood vessels, lungs, eyes, mouth, reproductive organs, bones, bladder and digestive organs. Any amount of smoking, even light or occasional smoking damages the heart. Secondhand smoke is also harmful because cigarette smoke contains many of the same harmful chemicals that people inhale when they smoke that active smoking harms people who smoke. Not smoking is an important part of a heart-healthy lifestyle, and although it’s hard, quitting smoking has proven to be possible.


Craving dessert? Satisfy your sweet tooth the natural way by savoring fruit-based desserts because sugar is a food to avoid when staying heart-healthy. Sugar has been linked to high blood pressure and diets with high amounts of sugar in them are usually lacking a lot of nutrients that a body needs in order to help prevent heart disease. Sneaky sources of sugar include yogurt, cereals and pasta sauces.

Physical Inactivity

Aside from the well-established emotional benefits associated with moderate physical activity, breaking a sweat regularly keeps your heart healthy and strong. Most Americans are not getting enough exercise, which puts them at a greater risk of developing health problems linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

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(Some information provided by Harvard Health Publications).

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